Why should I use professional demolition services?

Project completed in Fitchburg. Fire damaged building demolished

Project completed in Fitchburg. Fire damaged building demolished

When you’ve got a big demolition project, there are many reasons to choose an experienced professional crew like Patriots Environmental Corp.

Safety. Demolition, by its very nature, is a dangerous activity. Most building demolition projects, especially commercial projects, require permits and licensing. Many older structures may have become unsafe to even approach, due to internal damage that has developed over time or fire damage , concealed where you cannot see it. This type of damage can mean that the rest of the structure is weakened and may fall down or collapse completely. It also means that it’s important to exercise as much caution as possible andchoose the correct technique for a safe demolition. As experienced demolition professionals, we know that sometimes all you need is a gentle push, and that using unnecessary force can result in deadly consequences!

Patriots is fully insured and licensed as a company and all of our employees are trained, certified and licensed commensurate with the type of work they are required to perform on any specific project. Many times demolition of only a part of a building is required. This means that hand separation of the two buildings is required to prevent damage to the portion of the building to remain. Once hand separation is complete, larger equipment can be utilized to complete the work at a quicker pace.

Project completed in Fitchburg. Fire damaged building demolished

Fitchburg fire-damaged building after demolition

Save Time. Since we have plenty of demolition experience, we know exactly what needs to happen to complete your project. Avoiding complications has never been easier! Since demolition usually takes place before a construction project, making mistakes can mean you have to put the brakes on your entire project and fix what you’ve done.

Before a demolition permit can be issued, the municipal authority issuing the permit requires proof that a survey was conducted to determine the presence of asbestos containing materials within the building scheduled for demolition. If the testing results in a clean building then a copy of the report is submitted with the demolition permit application. If asbestos is found in the building then these materials must be removed from the building and properly disposed of. When this is completed, documentation is created to confirm proper removal and disposal, and this documentation is submitted along with the application for the demolition permit. The DEP oversees and regulates this process and has inspectors whose job it is to stay abreast of construction activity in their territory.

Violations of these regulations result in substantial fines and work delays. If a building is demolished without removing asbestos materials, the asbestos contaminates all the other construction debris and everything must be disposed of as asbestos. If this happens, the time to complete the work and the cost of the demolition will increase tremendously.

Project completed in Fitchburg. Fire damaged building demolished

Cleaning up the site after demolition of a fire-damaged building in Fitchburg

Save Money. DIY demolition attempts can end up costing you big bucks. What if you accidentally amage something that you weren’t trying to demolish, such as your car or swimming pool? Even worse, what if something happens to a neighboring structure or vehicle or people ? Working with a professional team means that no detail will go overlooked and that all possible safety precautions are taken.

Save Energy. Demolition projects, by nature, come with a lot of back-breaking labor. When you’re not used to it, and especially if you don’t have the right tools or equipment for the job, hauling heavy materials can do some serious damage to your body! Save yourself the pain and suffering, and call us here at Patriots Environmental Corp today.